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17 October 2011 @ 08:51 pm
OCM: Day 3  
OK so I lied before. I decided to finish off the mix I already made before I add more castor oil. I suspect I have enough for tomorrow THEN I will be out.

I don't really have much to update. The two zits on my eyebrow are still there but smaller. I don't have any new zits, just the bumpiness I've noticed since I started. One side of my face seems pretty clear, the other not as much (maybe it's the side I sleep on).

Having finally taken in a Monday without washing my face immediately, I have to say, it really sheds time off my morning routine. Instead of letting the water heat up, washing my face, drying it, spot treating, toning, letting the toner air dry, moisturize THEN get dressed I just tone and add a touch of moisture. And maybe I'm crazy (probably) but I feel like the toner really absorbs quicker, maybe because my pores aren't as clogged or because there aren't as many products on my face. I also end up using far less of my moisturizer, which is good because that shit is expensive no matter how long it lasts.

Maybe I can see if I can get my roomie to use up the mix I've already created. I really want to get to the part where the castor oil starts wrecking all my problem areas (though the softening of my skin and the lack of new zits every morning is well appreciated!)

I also bought Crunchy Betty's book. I haven't gotten too far into it but it's interesting. I can't wait until I get to recipes.