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20 October 2011 @ 10:17 pm
OCM: Day 6  
I have a terrible migraine so I'll make this quick.

My little squeeze bottle holds EXACTLY 10 tsp of oil so 40% is pretty difficult to pull off. Not so much the pouring in but the mixing. Let's just say I now fear I just covered my face in jojoba only. I shook it more after I finished cleaning so hopefully it won't happen again.

I have some breaking out going on in the chin/neck area which is decidedly unfun. I think it has more to do with stress than the oils. That said I am trying to give my jawline more time when I get to the steaming part. It's possible it might be pulling bad juju out that's deep within the skin. I'm willing to accept that - after all, part of the OCM method is to give it two weeks to a month to work fully. It's been 5 days. I can swing it.

Once I get paid I need to decide if I want to invest in adding temanu oil (which is expensive but great for scars I hear) or buy stuff to make LOTION BARS! These look like so much fun omg, especially the cute lil' molds. Of course I'll be getting the TOTES ADORABLE BUNNY MOLDS! My life has small pleasures, what can I say.