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30 October 2011 @ 10:24 pm
OCM Day...Um...Something  
Sorry for the non-update, I've been crazy busy all week and weekend. I guess it might be worth it not to update you until I have something of value to say.

Well I can say this - OCM is an AMAZING make up remover. I went as Joan from Mad Men for Halloween, a decision which brought much fun and merriment but required a TON of makeup. I did OCM as soon as I got home. It swept off all the caked on foundation, blush, etc in a few swipes. A little more steaming and the waterproof eye makeup was gone as well. Pretty awesome.

As for the new 50/50 mix, not much to report so far. I do notice more dead skin getting pulled off. I'm just going to have to see if tomorrow some of this hormonal braking (only on one side of my face by the way) will be gotten rid off.

My honey has been infusing for one week! 50% there! I just need...dang...another week before I can try it out :(