Kahlua n' Cream

Because the Simple Things are the Best

Kahlua and Cream
8 October 1987
Texas, United States
Interests: (22)
all, animation, bailey's irish cream, baking, boston sports teams, classic rock, cooking, doctor who, foreign music, futurama, girly cocktails, heroes, kahlua, knitting, languages, makeup, mythology, needlepoint, showtunes, singing to myself, top chef, writing
I'm a 22 year old college GRADUATE currently residing in the big old state of Texas. I mostly grew up in Ohio and Boston, which gave me a love of the boston Red Sox, Boston Celtics, Boston Cream Pie, and Boston market. Oh, and the New England Patriots, but they don't fit the pattern, do they?

I hope some day to be a novelist or a literary agent. I love books and writing. When I'm avoiding reading or writing I can be found cooking or needlepointing, which makes me sound like your grandmother. I'm not.

I am a lover of girly drinks and flavored liqueur.