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23 October 2011 @ 10:15 pm
OCM: Day 8  
I didn't post last night because I felt sick enough to go straight to bed last night. But I continued my efforts today and missing a day didn't seem to hurt anything. There's a bit of acne going on but I'm still blaming it on hormones/still having some grossness left. Persistence is a virtue... sometimes.

I'm seeing a very busy week in my future, but I will try to at least keep up reports.

Yesterday I started working on my infused honey. I made a mix of half peppermint, half lavender from my herbal teas I had lying around. There isn't much this first time (unfiltered honey from a farmer's market is expensive, y'all) but I'm really excited about it. If it works out I might try and make a lot more next time. The herbs certainly smelled amazing together, can't wait to see how the honey looks and feels! I might even take pictures next time.