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24 October 2011 @ 10:17 pm
OCM: Day 9  
Ugh, I have this zit close to my ear. It's very painful and red and sore. I had hoped to pass it off as a bug bite, but after cleansing I sat down and touched it on a whim, and felt oil still there. I have to be more careful about getting the oil off, as that's only going to keep happening the less careful I am. I'll just count my blessings it's in an easy place to remove.

4/10 still doesn't feel like enough. I know Sephora lady warned me against going half and half but I think it might be the best option for me. I told her I was practically an oil slick! I've also determined next mix I'll try to incorporate tamanu oil for it's scar healing properties. As you can tell from the listing, it's some kind of crazy elixir of life. Yes it's expensive, but when you consider the benefits (and the fact OCM is saving me mad money on moisturizer) I think it's worth it. I mean, a Sephora equivalent product runs in the $70-80 range and you usually have to use multiple bottles for full results.

... in fact, I just checked, and it's $17 for an 8 oz bottle, expensive for carrier oils (in comparison my 8 oz bottle of castor was $6 at Whole Foods) but cheaper than, oh, every single moisturizer I've ever considered using. Hmm, maybe tomorrow.